These links feature book reviews, published articles, podcast, webinars and radio appearances, and blogs others have written on my work.

Reviews of my books

Schools Week Review: What Does This Look Like In The Classroom?

Chartered College of Teaching book review

Aidan Severs review

Amazon book reviews

TES: Five books teachers shouldn’t be without

Schools Week: Top 10 books of 2017 for teachers and school leaders

Wayfinder Learning Labs – What does this look like in the classroom?

Schools Week: The Teaching Life Book Review by Zoe Enser

Published Articles

How can schools use research to better inform teaching practice?

Curriculum Reform and Teacher Agency – Impact (CCT Journal Article)

Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce: Returning to the North East

The Times: Comment

TES: SQA Results 2020 Thought Piece

TES: The curriculum is stacked against the poorest in society

P&J: The Rollercoaster of 2020

TES: 3 big things teachers can learn from COP26

TES: Neurodiversity- why exam reform is urgent

Cambridge University Press: Breaking it down – helping learners master information

The Psychology of Education Review: Why RPPs present an important strategic opportunity

Podcasts, Webinars and Radio Shows

Mr Barton Maths podcast interview

TILE: the Myph of Sisyphus – Assessment and Absurdity

Telegraph Festival of Education – Interview with Carl Hendrick and Iain Henderson

Facebook for Educators

ScotED 2020 (from 6 hours 20 minutes in)

researchED Blackpool – presentation with Carl Hendrick

TES Podcast: What research says about marking

Srebrenica Stories – Interview with Jasmine Miller

Teacher Talk Radio – Interview with Kate Jones

The Teaching Life – webinar with Kate Jones

Tech For Good Summit – Scottish Tech Army: Creating equality of Opportunity

Blogs and articles on my work

Guardian – Teachers: your guide to learning strategies that really work

Experiments with strategies from What Does This Look Like In The Classroom?

EL Gazette

Advice for NQTs on using research in the classroom

Using research to save time

Four quarters marking

Ellen Metcalf’s ‘Reads of 2017’

Research Schools Network assessment blog

Interdependent Learning blog by Michael Smyth

Trend Magazine: the Big Interview